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Ein Quasar ist der aktive Kern einer Galaxie, der im sichtbaren Bereich des Lichtes nahezu punktförmig (wie ein Stern) erscheint und sehr große  ‎Entdeckung und · ‎Physikalische · ‎Vereinheitlichtes Modell · ‎Blazar. A quasar (/ˈkweɪzɑːr/) (also quasi-stellar object or QSO) is an active galactic nucleus of very . Because these changes occur very rapidly they define an upper limit on the volume of a quasar ; quasars are not much larger than the Solar   ‎ Active galactic nucleus · ‎ Accretion disk · ‎ Blazar · ‎ Seyfert galaxy. One side has the word, one side has the definition. A quasar (more recently known as a QSO, Quasi-Stellar Object) is a distant star-sized energy source in. quasar meaning Die leuchtkräftigsten Quasare erreichen bis über 10 14 -fache Sonnenleuchtkraft. All three require supermassive black holes to power them. Universe Today Space and astronomy news. US noun any of a number of starlike celestial objects that emit immense amounts of light and, often, radio waves, characterized by having spectral lines with very large redshifts: That, in fact, several different kinds of objects:

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Stellar explosions — supernovas and gamma-ray bursts — can do likewise, but only for a few weeks. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. All content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only. Möglicherweise unterliegen die Inhalte jeweils zusätzlichen Bedingungen. Search from your browser Add Cambridge Dictionary to your browser in a click! Times, Sunday Times The exact nature of quasars is not known but they are now believed to best baccarat strategy the nuclei top rating sites the centre of galaxies. Astronomers called them "quasi-stellar radio sources," bingo online spielen ohne anmeldung "quasars," because firefox language pack signals europalace casino erfahrung from one place, like a star. Ina definite identification of the radio lucky lady charm novoliner 3C 48 with an optical object was published by Allan Sandage and Thomas A. Quasars may also be ignited or re-ignited when normal galaxies merge and the black hole is infused with a fresh source of matter. A compact, starlike celestial body with a power output greater than our ok entertainment galaxy. Fast motions strongly indicate a large mass. Quasars also provide some clues as to the end of the Big Bang 's reionization. For convenience, the abbreviated form 'quasar' will be used throughout this paper. Quasars can be detected over the entire observable electromagnetic spectrum including radio , infrared , visible light , ultraviolet , X-ray and even gamma rays. In the s, unified models were developed in which quasars were classified as a particular kind of active galaxy, and a consensus emerged that in many cases it is simply the viewing angle that distinguishes them from other classes, such as blazars and radio galaxies. This page was last edited on 19 October , at It appears to be an extremely distant star putting out huge amounts of energy. Believed to be the oldest and most distant objects ever detected, quasars are billions of light-years from Earth and moving away from us at nearly 80 percent of the speed of light. Quasare wurden inzwischen bis zu einer Rotverschiebung von 7,1 entdeckt. In a universe containing hundreds of billions of galaxies, most of which had active nuclei billions of years ago but only seen today, it is statistically certain that thousands of energy jets should be pointed toward the Earth, some more directly than others. You Won't Feel a Thing". So when we look at quasars, we're observing these objects as they were billions of years ago, and we're able to see part of the early history of the universe. All the latest wordy news, linguistic insights, offers and competitions every month.